3D Meringues - ENGLISH

Course in English

In this course, I will show you all of the steps to create a sturdy and sparkling merengue so that you can create your own amazing 3D characters.
Plus, a brand-new technique, how to fill them with gourmet fillings😍!!
What is the course like👩‍🏫?
• You will have access to the course for 1 year, so that you can study whenever and wherever 🏡.

• HD videos with angles that show you all of the details up close and personal🎬🔎.

• More than 10 super cute meringue models included!

• Printable step-by-step recipe guide, that way you don’t have to go to your computer every time you need to prepare your recipe📒.

• Everything you need to know about common mistakes and how to avoid them👏🏼.

• Instructor Support, so that we can answer all of your questions together💕.

• Exclusive: Filling your meringues❤!

Which products do we use??

The materials are super accessible, some of them include:

- Eggs
- Hand mixer or stand mixer
- Thermometer
- Food coloring


Rules and Conditions:

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Support from Juliana Matheus is provided throughout the duration of the course.

We recommend that you study, practice, and ask all of the questions you may have during this period of time.
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